We will teach you how to run Surge Meetings that will Deliver Massive Value to your clients, allow you to spend more time out of the office with the people you love, and be highly profitable.

In our Surge Masterclass, we will walk you through setting up Surge scheduling for client meetings.


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What Is Surge?

Surge appointments are a proven system that empowers you to Deliver Massive Value, proactively, by meeting with your clients during important planning times of the year.

The Surge Masterclass is designed to help you Deliver Massive Value while at the same time keeping your work-life balance. There are 5 modules that will help you understand what Surge is, prepare you for the Surge, and help you successfully run the Surge meetings. It will show what you need to complete before and after Surge, providing you with all the necessary materials, templates and resources.

No longer do you have to choose between your two passions: Your business or your family. Implementing Surge using our proven systems, scripts, and toolkits will allow you to live a life of balance and abundance.

Our Guarantee

If after 1-year post implementing everything from the masterclass, you didn't manage to get at least 30 days off during the year, we will schedule a 30-minute call with you and discuss your results. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund half of the cost of the course. Reason? Half of the responsibility is ours, but the other half is up to you!

We have 3 Tenets that each Member of the Nation MUST subscribe to:
1. Deliver Massive Value 2. Spend More Time Out of the Office with Family 3. Build a Highly Profitable Practice

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